Educational: You Are Supposed to Sing Our National Anthem, Loudly and with Pride

Please pass the word far and wide on this, to as many people as you can.

In recent years, most Americans have taken to standing like a bunch of passive uncomfortable sheep, at sporting events or at other times where our national anthem is sung.

But did you know that our national anthem is supposed to be sung out loud, with pride, by all Americans, not just musical superstars?

An illustration of the way it’s supposed to be sung, was in the movie classic Cassablanca, where french resistance sympathizers drown out the nazis in the bar by singing the french national anthem loudly and with pride. That’s the way it’s supposed to be done, all the time, by all Americans! It’s just a shame that we have to turn to the french for such an example.

The last, most poignant memory that I have of Americans proudly and loudly singing our national anthem, was right before the fall of the Soviet Union, when the Moscow Circus came to Denver and we went to see it.

Here was the Denver Colliseum packed with Americans and they played the national anthems of both countries before the circus began. Well everyone in that place was singing our national anthem, standing with their hands held over their hearts as you’re also supposed to ( military people in uniform are supposed to stand in salute ), loudly and with pride. It was awesome.

So please pass the word far and wide. Our national anthem is not just for music stars to sing, it has always been meant to be sung by everyone, loudly and with pride.

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