TV Shows for Kids: Little Robots

Little Robots is an animated children’s television series that airs on Cartoon Network’s Tickle-U television programming block. The show is based on the book by Mike Brownlow also called Little Robots. The show is usually shown in 10 minute segments that are all about the robots and their community.

Their have also been segments called Little Robots Learn that have aired on television. These are much short segments which teach the audience about different morals, values, and scientific concepts. Some of the actors and actresses whose voice can be heard on the show are Martin Clunes, Emma Chambers, Su Pollard, Lenny Henry, and Hayley Carmichael.

Little Robots focuses on the lives of eleven different robots who all find themselves on the top of metal pile at a junkyard. Each robot is its own individual as becomes clear by watching the show. Tiny, the main character, bring all of the robots together and fixes them. The robots then decide to build all of life’s important things such as home, gadgets, and other items from all of the junk at the junkyard. They end up building their own little community out of the junk.

In the center of their community is what they call the Nut and Bolt Tree. This is where Tiny lives. The robots have also built a giant lever which is used to change their world from day to night.

The main characters on Little Robots are:

Tiny – He is blue with a red antenna. He is the leader of the group and is responsible for flipping the lever that changes their world from day to night.
Messy – He is the community dog and often is taught tricks by some of the robots.
Sporty – He is the jock of the group and is constantly playing sports.
Stretchy – He is a tall, blue robot and is in charge of organizing the junkyard. He is by far the busiest robot on the show.
Rusty – She wears a red rusty dress and lives in a rusty bucket. Although she is very sensitive, she also gets very angry at times and blows out steam.
Stripy – He is a big robot and is made with different stripes of metal. He loves to tell the group different stories.
Noisy – She earned her name by talking very loudly and playing instruments all of the time.
Spotty – She is yellow and round and is able to roll into a ball.
Scary – He is purple and loves to scare the other robots.
Sparky Twins – They are constantly playing jokes on the other robots.

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