Elephant – Rock Gold by the White Stripes

Jack White is my role model.

He is the perfect example of what I aspire to become. He is original in his work and grabs hold of the past. Knowing the true value of the past he makes sure to have that as his canvas on which he can place his own personal flavor.

Jack does not conform to mainstream media or mainstream public and let his heart speak rather than his wallet. There for allowing himself to be truly original. Holding a smart and original voice he wails it in his music, with no concern over nay sayers and MTV trend following know nothing people. Lyricaly he is an astounding poetic mastermind. Making him the one I most admire in music today.

The Dynamic Duo

The dynamic duo that is Detroit rockin White Stripes are Jack and Meg White. They have begun a rock revolution. Not in the same intencity as The Beatles, The Who or The Rolling Stones since their time was a different imergance, a need for freedom, self awareness, and love. This revolution is more like an awakening.

To remember the fact that rock can be embraced as an outlet of true and unadulterated lyrical freedom. Expression of oneself without having to comform to what is hip or in. Rather touching the heart of those experiencing joy, rage, sadness, or pure nothingness.

A complete expression of oneself. Not since Kurt freaking Cobain has someone really come out and released a heartfull. Just spoke his mind. While Jack White and The White Stripes might not be getting the national acclaim that they have earned. They now are not too far from it.


Elephant the White Stripes 2003 release is one of the best rock albums of the year. Engulfed by original creativity, backed up with drive and energy it rivals any CD of the year. No musical passion was shown this year aside from Outcast’s “The love Below/Speakerboxxx” that is truly critically worth the best album of that year.

Real and Good Music

Beginning at “Seven Nation Army” to “It is true that we love one another” This album just makes you rise out of your seat and proclaim: “IT is about freaking time!” Freaking time that something so good has arrived to our mental front steps. Elephant rock’s out in such songs as “Seven Nation Army” and “Hardest Button to Button”. It mellows you out in song such as “The Cold Cold Night” and “The Boy to Warm your Mothers heart”.

It makes you think everyware and makes you smile every where and makes you thank the holy one for letting this fall upon you. The is good rock music. Quite worthy of your time.

The one thing that does get me, that really Boils my buscuits is when their placed in a group that is a so called “Revolution”. Wait… dont get me wrong, I just wrote that they were part of a revolution a musical movement. But the media is placing them with 1 the strokes wich while I love their music they are having a problem with advancing in their music with out totally coping it. 2 the Hives wich are in their own little world as well as genre.

The Vine’s only album was in pieces… one pieces trying to be Nirvana and in another piece trying to replicate The Beatles. Its just not fair to place in there The White Stripes wich are well ahead of all those bands as well as more talented.

Rock Gold

Searching to be more than just a band Elephant is voice to a band who is proclaming greatness. If you want to find real rock and blues enfused music search for Elephant as well as other White Stripes albums.

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