Employment Staffing Agencies in Milwaukee

If you’ve recently relocated or you find yourself in between jobs, Milwaukee has plenty of staffing agencies (“temp agencies”) that can help find you a placement. While many placements are short-term positions, staffing agencies can also provide temp-to-hire placements and even direct-hire permanent jobs. Depending on what a company wants to outsource and how long they want to outsource it, the options will vary dramatically.

Consider these Milwaukee staffing agencies in your job hunt. You can typically search through their individual websites for jobs, but most of these firms also advertise specific positions on www.milwaukeejobs.com. This excellent website can be a time-saving gateway to a great temporary placement through one of these Milwaukee staffing agencies.

1. Hatch Staffing

A local firm started in 1983, Hatch Staffing has grown its business to five local offices: downtown Milwaukee, Mayfair (Northwest), Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and Waukesha. I have personally used Hatch for short-term work and found their recruiters to be prompt and professional in returning correspondence and thinking of their employees’ needs. For example, when I first began using their services, they placed me in an office position that did not start for three weeks. The excellent recruiter also identified some other one-week factory jobs to offer me in the meantime, just in case I needed the additional income before my “true” placement began. Hatch’s downtown office was particularly warm and welcoming to me when I first relocated to Milwaukee and needed assistance with employment. They’re also known as an excellent place to look for seasonal work around the holidays.

2. Manpower

Manpower blankets the Milwaukee area not only because it staffs clients here but because its international headquarters are located here, visible from I-43. Manpower’s presence is particularly strong in the suburbs, including Brookfield, New Berlin, and Waukesha. When searching through their Milwaukee job listings, it can sometimes be difficult to tell which jobs are with clients and which jobs are with Manpower itself, so read carefully.

Because they are such a large company, Manpower has the staffing business down to a science, with plenty of useful bells and whistles, including online employee portals and training courses (something many local temp agencies actually do not offer). Manpower also offers a limited insurance program for its contracted employees who work with them for longer periods of time, as well as an unlimited referral program that can score you extra cash if you know lots of people needing jobs. Holding true to the manual labor connotation of its name, though, Manpower does seem to staff more blue collar work than white collar work, although both sorts are definitely available. Overall, Manpower tends to receive positive reviews from Milwaukee residents who use them as an employment service, but their staffing specialists have been noted as cold and impersonal by multiple acquaintances of mine.

3. Legal Placement Services

As its name indicates, Legal Placement Services is centered around providing attorneys, paralegals, and secretaries to law offices in need. However, because they do an excellent job handling this niche market, they occasionally handle other clerical and administrative (but “non-legal”) positions for their clients. So be sure not to skip over their listings just because you lack experience in legal settings. Due to their specialty, of course, the feel of Legal Placement Services is even more professional and high-brow than most staffing agencies, so be prepared.

4. Nissen Staffing Continuum

A newcomer to the world of Milwaukee staffing agencies, Nissen is a small firm that was started in 1997. With its base in manufacturing jobs (but still offering some clerical and professional positions), Nissen is best known in Waukesha and the outlying suburbs of Milwaukee. There are no offices in the city of Milwaukee proper, so the Wauwatosa office on Bluemound Round is the best bet for the urban dweller. Be warned, though: it’s barely accessible from public transit. Individuals who have worked through Nissen have praised the helpfulness of the staff; however, the overall feeling is a little less professional and polished than at other agencies.

5. TempsPlus Staffing

At the time of this writing, Temps Plus was handling many staffing needs for Harley Davidson, the large motorcycle manufacturer located in Milwaukee. Though business relationships do come and go, the fact that this agency works with such a large and notable client does bode well for its reputation. Serving the entire Southeastern Wisconsin zone, this firm may be considered regional as opposed to local. Many jobs are industrial in nature; however, TempsPlus manages a special website just for medical jobs: www.tempsplusmedical.com. If you are looking for a position in nursing or home health care, this may be a great fit.

6. Kelly Services

Like Manpower, Kelly is an international player in the staffing industry with excellent name recognition. Its jobs, at least Milwaukee, do tend to be more professional: you’ll see plenty of accounting jobs, administrative positions, and even technical placements requiring unique scientific skills. If you’ve got unique professional credentials, Kelly is well worth a visit. They also post some blue collar jobs, but if your experience is in that realm, one of the other agencies may be a better starting point. Perhaps because it’s a large company that may not need to fight to staff their accounts as vigorously, the feedback about Kelly has been that recruiters are a little slow and even frosty when dealing with individual job-seekers. As one might expect, Kelly has a location in the heart of downtown Milwaukee because many of its business clients are located there.

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