How to Become a Life Coach

Life coaching is a profession which is quite different from consulting, mentoring, therapy or counselling. The coaching process incorporates personal projects, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life. You may also end up helping the other person make a final decision in their life. If you believe that you are a charismatic person with energy and you want to help people then life coaching could be the right career choice for you. A life coach helps his/her clients reach their full potential. Becoming a life coach is quite simple and people are actually opting to become a life coach these days.


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    There are several areas which you can specialize in. You need to simply pick your profession and what you would like to coach about. Life coaches around the globe give advice you financial matters, relationships, time management, career and even leadership capabilities. Think of the area you believe will best suit you and get out on the training field.

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    Before you start becoming a life coach, attend different seminars in which there are several life coaches available. This way you may understand how they work and how their daily routine is. Always pay close attention to how the life coaches indulge with the crowd and interact with different people.

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    Once the seminar is over, you can always meet up with different life coaches personally. Ask them about their career and how they have managed to make it this far. Ask them about anything that you think is troubling you regarding this career. They will most probably answer most of your questions.

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    Once you believe you are ready to handle the pressure of being a life coach, it is time for you to start learning the traits of the profession. Simply get enrolled into an online program or at a college that teaches life coaching. These classes will basically provide you with the tools which are essential for you to become a certified life coach.

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    Once you have completed the course and you think you can start working, you must first accredit yourself. Right when you finish your course and you graduate from the life coaching program, accredit yourself so that you can be hired by different businesses, organizations or even individuals. If you have absolutely no credentials, no one will bother talking about you and they will not even consider your life coaching abilities. Therefore, always remember that you need credentials after you have graduated.

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