Online Resources for Freelance Writers

Internet has made it somewhat easy for freelancers to find work. I said “somewhat” because even in the online world, life is not easy for freelancers. There are literally thousands of sites which say that they are there to help freelancers find work, but very few are genuine and offer real work. It is difficult to find which ones are trust worthy because this business is fairly new one and many companies do not have long track records to prove themselves. What I learned from my experience, after getting duped many times, is look for reference and don’t believe everything you see in their homepage.

If you are looking for freelance writing gigs or a full time writing job, is the best place to check out. They have an extensive job bank, which is categorized as ” full time”, “part-time”, “high-paying”, “non-paying”, so that it is easy to search. They also have resources for writers to help them hone their skills or just to share experiences. I have used this site many times, infact, I came to know about Associated Content through them. has list of books, a database of writing markets to help freelance writers. You can submit your information to their database of writers for $1.25 monthly, which is frequently searched by people looking to hire writers or by companies. The database of writing markets is especially useful as it helps you to find market for your writing.

For many freelancers, taking their first steps, it is important to get your articles out there to the people and get as many readers as possible. If you are able to establish a readership then you will be able to get more for your writing. feeds articles to websites for free. Once you register as an author in this site your articles will be sent to different websites, which match your subject. It is free to register and you can start submitting articles immediately after registration.

Recently I joined, an online magazine devoted to writers. You can submit your articles to the magazines, there is a forum to discuss with other writers, and the site has suggestions and resources for writers, from writing a resume to promoting themselves is the home page of Writer’s Digest magazine. A go-to place for writing prompts, competitions and also for suggestions on improving your skills and how to score that big book deal. Here you will find resources for fiction writing, children’s writing, journal writing and also for poetry and non-fiction.

It took me long time to find all these websites; I am glad that I found them before I was scammed out of freelance writing. I hope you will find them as useful as I did. All the best for your projects.

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