How to Become a Montessori Teacher

Montessori teaching is very different from conventional teaching as it is student-led. However, like conventional teachers, Montessori teachers also require to get the certification for their teaching. The certification is issued by The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Furthermore, a teacher can get certification to teach infants, primary or elementary students. Besides, the primary teaching is meant for 3-6 year-old kids while elementary teaching is for 6-12 year-old children.


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    You have to complete your bachelor’s degree first. You can study any courses during your undergraduate programme. However, it is preferable for you to study science, math, English, communication arts or education as Montessori training institutions prefer to take students from diverse educational background.

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    After completing your undergraduate programme, you have to search for a Montessori training institute which has been accredited by AMI. You will have to submit all your educational documents along with a personal statement. It is to be noted that some institutes require recommendation letters too, which you can get from your college or university teachers.

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    You should apply for getting the primary teaching certification first, even if you plan to an elementary teacher as AMI require you to earn primary teaching diploma before applying for elementary certification. But, you can directly apply for elementary if you manage to complete all the vocational work in one summer.

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    It is very important to make a full plan of your training programme. Generally, in order to get the primary teaching certification, you will have to attend three summer sessions at an AMI accredited institute. But, if you want to complete your training in one year, you have to enrol yourself in a programme which offers complete one-year training.

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    During your training programme, you will have to make materials for Montessori classes, participate in the classroom observations and complete your teaching practicum in the final semester. Moreover, you will have to complete 1,200 hours for instruction so as to get your degree.

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    You will be able to get your diploma after passing the written and oral exam of your training institute. The exam will include everything which you studied and learn during your training programme.

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    After getting your diploma, you should apply at your favourite schools and can start your career as a Montessori teacher.

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