Steps to Become an Architect

A person who plans and designs buildings and supervises all the construction work is known as an ‘Architect’. If you think that you have the capability to become an architect, you can easily become one. All you will have to do is to join an institution which educates people to become future architects.

This article will be discussing ways through which you can become an architect. Furthermore, the procedure has been explained in a very simple way so that you may not face any kind of difficulty in it.


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    First of all, you have to make the decision that do you really want to become an architect or it is just a mere attraction towards the profession. You should know that you have to be confident enough on your decision to become an architect because it is quite a difficult profession. Moreover, you will have to do a lot of hard work during your studies in order to get the degree in the field of architecture.

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    After finalising your decision, you have to search for an internship. You can find the internship in any architectural firm who is willing to take internees. You will have to submit an application after getting the recommendation from your institution in order to get the internship in any particular firm. During your internship, don’t rush into things and try to learn from the architects who are working in that firm in a way that they don’t feel disturbed.

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    You can also become an architect by taking courses which are being offered by local colleges and some drawing institutes. Pick up the schedule which is most suitable for you and get the necessary lessons from there.

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    It is compulsory for you to have a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Architecture, if you want to become a project manager in any firm or you plan to open your own architectural firm. Generally, the institutions offers five-year architecture programme after which you get your degree. You must keep in mind that you can study along with your work also by taking the night shift classes.

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    After getting your architecture degree and spending three years as an intern, you can apply to get the license in order to open your own firm. You can get the license by passing Architect Registration Exam (ARE).

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