How to Become an Antiques Dealer

Do you really love discovering treasures? And want the freedom to buy and sell them in order to earn handsome income? Simply start your own antique business by becoming an antique dealer. It is one among the profitable businesses in the world and easiest of all trades to enter. You do not require any specific education, training or license for it. In addition to that, no major investment is required for antique business. There are many categories of antiques, so you have wide range of option available to start this business. Learn the process of becoming an antique dealer, earn profit and have fun.


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    First of all identify that what kind of antiques business you want to open. Like there are many categories of antiques like books, jewellery, furniture, coins, currencies and dolls etc. Moreover, decide about what type of antique dealer you would like to be. For example, hobbyist dealer, prestige dealer, full-time and the part-time dealer and retirement dealer are some of the options that you can consider.

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    Learn about Antiques’ field

    There is no special education or minimum qualification needed to become an antique dealer. But a proper know-how of the field can lay a strong foundation of the business and helps in running the business successfully. Follow the given below options in this regard:

    Get admission: If you are young and have time to get education, simply get admission in a college or other institutions, offering fine arts programs.

    Training or diploma: You can enroll in various antiques related training programs and diplomas offered by various organizations.

    Seek Advices: If you feel it difficult to get education on antiques, search online and try to learn as much as possible or spend some time with some of the known antique dealers of your area to seek their valuable advices and tips.

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    Required Skills

    In order to become a successful antique dealer, you must be able to:

    - Combine an interest in old and fascinating stuffs with business skills.
    - Get on well with customers / antique enthusiast.
    - Display the antiques in an eye-catching manner.
    - Implement your technical knowledge and practical skills thoroughly in order to keep antiques clean and in good condition.
    - Travel around in order to participate in various auctions, exhibitions and antique fairs etc.
    - Keep exact records.
    - Negotiate and sell products

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    Internship – if you like

    An internship with an existing antique business will provide you with an opportunity to study this field practically. It is superb idea to gain experience before entering the field. Utilize this time period fruitfully and learn as much as you can.

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    Make your business plan

    Without a proper business plan it would be difficult for you to run a successful antiques business. You can make your own business plan with the help of some very easy and useful software or hire someone to provide you with the business plan. Given below are some of the benefits of making your business plan:

    - It allows you to identify all the potential problems and opportunities that you might face as an antique dealer.
    - It helps in avoiding the consequences, fines or other legal issues
    - It serves as guidance in adopting changes in the marketplace
    - It helps in expanding or contracting from a position of objectivity

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    Choose name for your business

    Choosing name for your business looks a very easy task but it is not that simple. Try to select a name that represents your business so your customers take no time in identifying your antiques’ business.

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    Choose location

    The location of you antique business matters a lot. Thoroughly study the market and find a place with minimum competitors around. Otherwise you will find it difficult to enter and survive in the antique industry.

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    Arrange Finance

    Finance for a business is an example of fuel in a vehicle. Until you wouldn’t fill the tanker, you cannot run the vehicle. Same is the case with antique’s business, until you don’t arrange finance; you simply cannot buy antiques to sell the further. Arrange it from your own resources or apply for a loan in any of the commercial bank in your area with minimum interest rate.

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    Collect the Antiques

    Visit all the best possible places from where you can buy antiques in bulk and buy selective items. Utilize your bargaining skills and try to buy the antiques at as much lower price as you can. It is better to start collecting antiques right from the start when you decide to become an antique dealer.

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    Arrange your Antiques

    Arrange the antiques in a nice order, placing the most unique pieces at the display of your shop. Make separate sections for various types of antiques.

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    Welcome you Customers!

    You have the right knowledge, impressive skills, and fascinating collection of antiques; you are all set to go! Welcome your customers and enjoy a successful antique business.

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    What if you don’t have finance?

    Now you might be thinking that how to become an antique dealer if you don’t have finance to start your own business. “When here is a will, there is a way” - - become a god antique dealer by applying directly for the vacancies in the antiques shops, auction houses etc. you can consider applying for the position of salesperson and assistant etc.

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