Boost Salary: Tips for Requesting a Salary Increase

In an attempt to earn a higher paying salary, many people have a habit of job switching every couple of years. However, constantly fishing around your resume hoping to snag more income is time consuming and frustrating. Most of the time, you may be able to earn more money at your current job. Of course, some occupations have salary caps. In other words, persons working in these fields should not expect certain dollar amounts. On the other hand, if you work in a very competitive field, with the possibility for advancement and a higher salary, consider the following tips for boosting your salary.

1. Requesting a Salary Increase – Before making an appointment with your superior or human resources to request more money, have realistic expectations. Moreover, take into consideration your current skill level and the average job salary for a person with similar education and skills. This information can be researched online by means of a salary calculator or salary guide. If you meet the qualification for higher pay, tactfully request a raise. In some cases, a raise accompanies a promotion. Consequently, be prepared to accept additional responsibilities.

2. Obtain a Degree or Certificate – Even though a college degree or vocational certificate is not a requirement for earning a higher salary, persons who receive some sort of higher educational background are typically able to advance quicker within an organization. Thus, if you are hoping to grow within a specific department, consider taking college or online courses. In some cases, a degree is not necessary for advancement. As long as an employer has thorough knowledge in a particular area, most superiors will consider them for promotions.

3. Network and Attend Seminars – Persons who are knowledgeable in various subjects and fields have a better chance of earning more money. Hence, it would be wise to join a few networking groups and mingle with other professionals. These persons could share helpful tips for advancing in the corporate world. Furthermore, seminars also provide an inexpensive tool for gaining additional insight in a particular field. For example, if you work as a customer service representative, and are hoping to advance as a manager or supervisor, attend seminars that offer free training on how to become a better leader and offer tips for dealing with unruly persons. Taking advantage of such courses will put you ahead of the competition. Mention additional training when applying for a job or requesting a salary raise.

4. Be Consistent – Slackers are likely to receive less promotions and salary raises from their bosses. Therefore, even if you have years of training, skills, or experience, without proper work ethic or the willingness to work hard, you can kiss a pay raise goodbye. For this matter, persons hoping for a pay increase should demonstrate their worthiness. Avoid repeatedly arriving to work late. If possible, remain after hours until mandatory work is completed. Furthermore, avoid goofing off during the work hours. During an eight hour workday, it is estimated that the average employer only devotes approximately 5 Ã?½ hours to actual work. When considering employers for promotions or raises, productive workers are generally the prime candidates.

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