How to Become a Lawyer in Canada

A lawyer is someone who specialises in the law. Lawyers are considered a crucial pillar of the society and the judiciary system as they help in safeguarding the society and securing the interests of people living in it.

Being a lawyer is not easy as it seems to be, therefore you should be very wise in choosing a profession. To become a lawyer you need to do a lot of study and it just does not end till you graduate, a lawyer needs to keep himself update and thus requires vigorous study throughout his life as he has to take references.

The most important thing about being a lawyer is that you should not forget your duties and responsibilities towards the society and should not be involved in any activity that is against the law. Your aim should be following the law and bringing the culprits to justice.


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    You should be clear about becoming a lawyer and the goals you wish to achieve.

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    To pursue a career in law, you should choose your undergraduate program carefully.  You cannot do this that you take the courses of marketing and then apply for a law program. You should include appropriate law course in your undergraduate program that could help you in continuing the law studies in future. During this time, you need to flourish your skills for writing and reasoning as these are considered the most vital elements of a lawyer. Always remember that, by doing all this, it will be comparatively easier for you to convince the law school admission officers that you have the spark and necessary skills that are required to become a lawyer.

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    After you are done with your undergraduate degree, prepare yourself for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Not to mention, with an unacceptable score in the LSAT, you will find it real hard to take admission in the law school of your choice. Keep in mind the minimum score requirement, set by various law schools which you wish to go to.

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    You should meet all the requirements of a law school, primarily by joining the Canada law School.

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    Keep working hard and prepare hard for the Canadian Bar Exam as you need to pass this.

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    After you pass your test, you should file in the documents with a Canadian province of your choice from where you intend to attain your license and commence your career.

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