How to Find a Private Equity Job

People in private equity industry are in high demand despite the fact the world is in a horrible economic crisis. However, it is recommended to be patient when looking for jobs in this industry. Private equity firms are less susceptible to stock market variations mainly because of the fact they have more staying power. If you are looking to find a job in a private equity firm, you will be glad to know that there are several things you can to do to give yourself an edge over your competitors. However, you must stick with basics to secure your dream job.


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    Private equity industry is perfect for those who have a deep understanding of investment procedures and financial affairs. To let you know, private equity firms mainly work with well known multinational and profitable companies. Therefore, if you wanted to emerge as an emerging social networking or technology tycoon, you should consider focusing on venture capital instead of private equity.

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    It is recommended to prepare a list of private equity of firms you would like to send your CV to. Always choose the companies you admire and have researched. Try to find a platform that can help you grow as a professional. This can be done by accepting an entry level job that will help you improve your professional capabilities.

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    If possible, call the HR department to set up an interview. If no one answers your call, considering leaving a voice mail so the hiring staff can get back to you. You can also consider mailing your resume physically as online CV applications are sometime blocked as spam emails. Never talk about your personal life in the cover letter. Be very specific with regards to your objectives. Let the employers know why you are interested in a particular role.

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    Compare different private equity firms to determine the best one for yourself. Some companies may not pay lucrative salaries but they can provide an excellent platform to their employees to grow financially.

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    Team with friends, relatives and former workers also looking to find a job in the private equity industry. Friends can help you find vacancies that you may notice. A lot of companies advertise their job vacancies on websites these days therefore it is advised to visit well reputed recruitment websites and start sending job applications.

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