Steps to get hired fast

Searching for a job these days can be overwhelming stressful and time consuming. If perhaps you have given it your best shot and all to no avail, then you need to change strategies, try a different approach. Always have one thing at the back of your mind, which is ‘’to never give up.’’ And for that reason, we have put together few tips that can help you get hired fast.


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    Use Advance Search Options On Job Boards

    When you visit reputable job boards like ,, careerbuilder and so many others, always make use of their ‘’advance search’’ option. There you would be able to narrow down your search in-terms of job title, type of job, job location and other necessary contents you might have to fill out.

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    Focus Your Search

    It is important to know exactly what you want and go for it. Before you start applying, think about what type of job you are looking for. Look at your qualifications and skills; research the types of skills and other requirement needed for your intended job. This will get your prepared for any future interviews.   Do not get carried away trying to apply to many jobs at the same time without understanding what it is you are looking for.


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    Don’t Stop Applying

    You don’t apply once and then stop applying. Once you know exactly the kind of job you are looking for, try as many firms that you can and be sure you will get at-least two or more positive feedback.

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    You Need A Specific Cover Letter

    A lot of employers look at what you can do for their company even before looking at your CV. And once they are impressed, you will be called in for an interview. So make sure you cover letter is fully loaded and convincing.

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    Dress Well, Groom Well

    First impressions matter and most people judge the kind of person you are just by the way you are dressed. Whether their impression of you is wrong or not, it does not matter. It is an interview, so you have to impress the best. Take note of the career field you are applying into. For conservative professions such as accounting, banking, law or even architecture you will need formal wear, this includes a suit jacket. For more relaxed professions such as Web-designing, maintain the formal look with a neck-tie, a suit jacket is not a must.

  • 6

    Be Your Best Self

    Be proud of yourself and what you have going for you. Most employers can read body languages and can quickly discern whether you are scared, nervous or too shy to look them in the eye and answer a direct question. Who wants to hire someone that is not confident? So take note!


  • 7

    Get Relevant References

    References matter and they can go a long way to pave way for your career. References can help an employer determine the reputation of your previous firms and know exactly what your potentials are depending on what your previous supervisors have said about you.

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