Steps to Become a Lawyer

Law profession is one of the few professions that require a lot of hard work and dedication. While its studies are difficult, its practice is even tougher. It requires a lot research for cross-referencing, argument and presentation of cases in the court. Defending a person who is accused of some serious crime or any minor offence is not an easy task. A lawyer has to convince him/her first that he is going to make a convincing case for his/her client, because the client’s future and even life is dependent on the case that the lawyer is going to plead on his behalf. With more practice and spending time in the profession increases knowledge of a person about the cases in area he/she is practicing in. For example, a family cases lawyer can learn about all the laws and rules about those cases as his/her practice time increases.


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    Law Education - A Bachelor's is Must

    Law education is first step towards becoming a lawyer. In all countries and cities more than one law education institutions offer a whole range of law courses to intending law professionals. You can select a course your are looking for but at least a bachelor’s degree is a must to become a lawyer. Many of educational institutions are recognised by law bars, but generally students get their degree from universities directly or colleges, which are affiliated with them.

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    How to Select a Law School

    It is more important you read the description of the course you are looking to study at a particular university, college or school. Almost all institutions have more or less a similar course structure. So there is no hard and fast rule to select a law school. Generally you can see ratings of each school or seek an advice from any law teacher or consultant who can facilitate you in final decision making. It is better to learn comprehensive knowledge how law, courts and bars work so you quickly get yourself immersed into the legal environment at the time you start practice.

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    Law Test

    Some legal educational institutions have some basic law tests before allowing you to get admitted in that particular institution. You can also find institutions, which do not have tests for getting admitted. However, if you are a foreign/international student taking a language test is important, which sometimes can include some of legal aspects just to test your basic instincts for the course you are trying to apply for.

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    Passing Exam and Practice

    Passing the law exam is first and probably the most difficult part of becoming a lawyer. You will require to study some thick legal books, which at first look might scare you, legal journals and other material. Generally it is a three year but if you do the honours it is a four year course. If you work hard, harder than it is required in studying of other courses, you are likely to pass with impressive grades. Building the theoretical knowledge about on the legal aspects is even more crucial in your degree process.

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    Bar Examination

    On completion of your education, next and final step to become a lawyer is to pass the bar exam. This helps you to launch into practical legal career. Once you get your lawyer license you are free to take cases, in your chosen/specialised area. Some people become corporate or business lawyer, some practice in family courts and some chose another area altogether.

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