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Freelance writing can be a wonderful career. Something we have to learn is to write articles fast. How can we do that? We can organize our time better. We can improve our typing skills so we can type more words per minute in order to produce more articles in an hour. Write a list of topics that you would like to write articles about. Make sure you do this the first thing in the morning so you can get prepared to write about them.

You need to figure out how many articles that you need to write and sell each week. You need to figure out how much money you need to make each month in order to pay the bills and have some money left over. In freelance writing it is up to you how much money you want to make. How much money you make depends upon how many articles you write each month. You are never limited to just articles. You can write a variety of things. You can even write e books to make some extra money each month.

It is possible to make enough money with freelance writing to pay the monthly bills each month. Too many people quit freelance writing because they don’t give it enough time to make money. You can’t make large amounts of money with freelance writing within a month or two. It takes time to get more clips and more motivation in order to make pretty good money on a regular basis from freelance writing.

Almost every article takes time to do research on unless you already enough about the subject. When you do research on line or in text books you need to check other sources to make sure that the information is correct. You gather information from the sources and then write an article in your own words. If you are good at speed reading then you can gather information more quickly. When you can remember dates and facts without having to take a ton of notes then it will speed up the process.

Articles need to contain information that helps them learn something new. It needs to have interesting non boring information in it. It needs to sound exciting to the reader. Nobody wants to read something that is totally boring to them. So make sure the article is something that people feel is worth time to read. The more articles you can write each day then the more money you will make. You need to treat freelance writing like a regular job. If you put in eight to ten hours a day in writing articles then you know that would probably make enough money and probably more than you would at a regular job.

The decision is up to you on how much you make each month. You can’t blame it on anybody else if you don’t make enough money some months. You just need to work more. We can’t let the family pet dog and the family goldfish or anyone else distract us during the day from doing work. Good luck!

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