How to Exercise Freedom of Speech

When we talk about freedom of speech, it doesn’t mean that we are asking for some kind of financial support or the material means just to express our views. It means freedom from suppression and interference or any such action either by government or rules imposing authorities. It means that you have the freedom to disagree to something without getting forced to do otherwise. Freedom of speech means that we can say whatever we want living within certain limits of course, with nobody dictating you to do certain thing that you do not want to do.


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    In the contemporary era, freedom of speech has become one of the most hotly debated issues especially among the journalists and International Relations analysts. Even today, a lot of countries haven’t provided their citizens with the freedom of speech and there have been debates among individuals about how to exercise freedom of speech. There are several methods to achieve that feat and contrary to what many people think, exercising freedom of speech is not that difficult.

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    You need to maximize your links and communication by talking to as many people as possible. Find a platform for you and express yourself one way or another. Grab a chance whenever possible to let yourself be heard and make people hear out your views in a very positive manner. There are no hard and fast rules that you should be outspoken in order to exercise your freedom of speech. You can also use freedom of speech using your words and writings. Be flexible in your approach and make sure that you are leaving an impression when you depart.

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    Online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Blogs are the sources that can help you exercise freedom of speech to a great extent. This is the best way to connect to millions of people in no time and you can easily advocate your views to online audience without much trouble. Make sure that you are getting regular feedback so that your views do not go to waste.

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    You need to pursue your own advocacy. Do listen to others’ opinion as well but try to prove your own point of view. Express yourself in such a way that people start listening to you with more interest and enthusiasm. However, one thing you need to remember is here is that you need to do everything very responsibility because freedom of doesn’t mean bullying someone.

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