How to Buy and Sell Art Online

Are you an artist or do you want to own your own online gallery? Buy & sell art online. Whether you’re an artist interested in selling your own art, whether you want to sell the art of others, or just want to purchase art, there are many online opportunities.

If you are an artist and/or interested being a agent representing artists, then there are many opportunities online. There are many online art galleries where local, national, and international artists can submit their work. Find references to online art galleries at the following website: This website contains “The best galleries and places to distribute your art, or purchase it.”

However, rather than going to other people’s galleries, you can create your own art gallery. Art Gallery software can be found at: You can also create your own art gallery with website templates especially set up for artists. Create your own gallery at, There is also, which provides “Free online gallery – website for you and your customers.” There’s also the gallery located at This art gallery template charges a small fee after an initial free trial gallery. also offers a free trial gallery. It’s located at: Galleries are from $10 per month to $50 per month. There are also many sample galleries. With most of these website templates you name your own gallery and have many resources for design, colors, artwork, texts, etc. Many of these art gallery templates are similar to other website templates, offering free and low-cost websites, except they are designed especially for artists. In addition, there is, another “create your own art gallery,” at Click on the URLs for further details. For a photo gallery go to: For other resources of putting your art online go to

For a book on setting up your own art gallery, online or offline, there’s Starting Your Own Art Gallery:

If you’re interested in art affiliate programs go to: That is, if you’re mainly interested in selling other people’s art, then you can join some of these, like There are also affiliate programs selling the works of international artists, such as Art International. The Art Store is an affiliate of It’s located at: . As an affiliate of any of these art affiliate programs, you can set up your website using,, and/or free website templates. There are many online websites for art buyers. Interested in African American Art? There’s a discount online gallery located at For Asian art, there’s Also, if you’re interested in specific ethnic artists, try your favorite search engine. However, includes the works of many different artists, including ethnic and international.

Interested in children’s art resources and activities go to:

For books on art, there’s Create Your Own Masterppiece Author: National Gallery of Art, Washington The Book Store also has The Complete Book of Arts & Crafts. If you are interested in selling books on art on your gallery website or setting up an art bookstore then you can become an associate of or Suggested books for marketing on your website are: The Art Book, Instant Art History, and the Kids’ Multicultural Art Book.

Once you set up your art gallery and/or join affiliate programs, then there are many opportunities for free ads online. Free Ads for Artists are found at Also, you can put your link to your online art galleries here: There’s also the Free Advertising Forum, Free Advertising Exchange. You can also get your own free classifieds and internet advertising website at:

Paintings, photography, sculpture, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, digital art, jewelry, crafts, all types of art can be bought and sold online. This article has listed but a few buy and sell art opportunities. If you’re an artist yourself and/or just enthusiastic about the world of art, there are many exciting art world opportunities online.

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