T’ai Chi Instruction in Cincinnati, Ohio

While many various forms of Far Eastern disciplines are gaining popularity in our Western culture, T’ai Chi is perhaps one of the most versatile and introspective types. In the
area there are numerous establishments offering instruction but finding the right class, where you can feel comfortable in learning as a beginner, can be quite overwhelming. Just keep in mind that, just like you, there are many other people in the room who currently are or once were beginners, as well!

The White Willow School of T’ai Chi is located at

7433 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio

. This establishment is possibly one of the most comprehensive schools for mastering the art of T’ai Chi. Beginner’s classes, referred to as Level One classes, are generally launched twice a month. It is requested that all students participate in Level One classes before proceeding to the next step, regardless of previous training. Level One consists of eight total classes introducing T’ai Chi philosophy, history, and various breathing and stretching techniques. It is a fundamental overview of skills to be used repeatedly throughout T’ai Chi training. These eight classes are reasonably priced at $130 (with an additional $6 fee if you need to purchase T’ai Chi shoes). More information can be learned about the White Willow School of T’ai Chi by visiting their website at http://www.whitewillowtaichi.com or by calling (513) 791-9428.



and Pavilion is another establishment offering beginning and intermediate T’ai Chi instruction. Class times vary based on availability of practice space and instructors but could be perfect for someone who is interested in only learning the basics, rather than immersing themselves wholly into the philosophy and lifestyle surrounding this ancient art form. The


and Pavilion is located at

6200 Pfeiffer Road, Cincinnati, Ohio

. Classes are fairly priced and additional information can be obtained at http://www.trihealthpavilion.com or by calling (513) 985-0900.

Additionally, classes may be located by contacting your local YMCA, YWCA, or by contacting the Cincinnati Recreation Commission at (513) 352-4000. Various T’ai Chi classes are offered through the City funded Recreation Centers and can be viewed by visiting their website: http://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/crc/pages/-4993-/.

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