Tips for Workplace Friendships

Most offices and workplaces run from 9-6; more than half the time an average person stays awake. In any office, you will always be surrounded by all type of people, some good, some bad and some really bad. And during your time, you will naturally forge some friendships. But, the question is whether office friendships are same as normal friendships. This is a very complex question with no definite answer. In short, it is totally situation dependent, but as a professional, it is better to remember certain things before you commit yourself to someone at office.


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    Don’t Mix Your Personal and Professional Life

    If you had a ball last night, there is no need to blab about that in front of the whole office the very next day. Keep your personal things to yourself because among your office friends, there can be a number of malicious gossipers who can take advantage of your personal details. If you want to share the details desperately, reserve them for the break time.

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    Take Your Time before Opening Up

    Never expose yourself. If you think that a person at office shares the same interests and passions as you do, there is no harm in bonding with him. But, never make the mistake of opening up to him or her immediately. Take your time to assess the person and only when you are sure that his/her motivations to become your friend are not selfish, let him/her in your personal zone.

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    Be Objective

    Remember that the primary reason why your go to office five days in a week is that you get your job done and not to gossip around with various people. Never lose sight of this fact, and take your professional business seriously.

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    Don’t Become Exclusive to One Person

    It is only natural that you cannot like every person in your office and your workplace friendships depend on that. However, during professional dealing, make sure that you don’t give special favours to your friends.

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    Don’t Crib About Your Boss

    The thing about 90 percent of the office friends is that they are not really your friends. They are just your colleagues who will not even call you once you join another organization or leave. The bottom line is that you cannot confide in them about things which can hurt professional. For example, never make the mistake of cribbing against your boss in front of them. Majority of them won’t think twice before forwarding you.

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