How to Find a Mercenary Company That Is Hiring

Many soldiers return home after service their country only to find out that they are unable to find a proper job with their particular skill sets. Having a background in military combat can definitely help you find a lucrative job with a mercenary or private army / security company around the world. These companies are usually run by retired soldiers and are available to hire for various security purposes globally. If you are looking to get a job with a mercenary company then there some guidelines that you can use to help.


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    Develop resume:

    Make a comprehensive resume listing all of your educational background. If you are a soldier then make a detailed list of all the different countries you were deployed. Also, if possible make a listing of the different types of jobs you did in the military. Be clear and detailed in your resume. When listing your skills be sure to mention any type of military equipment training that you might have received while serving. Also, list down your experience with different firearms and combat training techniques.

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    Go online:

    Do a careful search online of different private army / security companies. You will find many of these companies have their own detailed websites. Check the careers or job opportunity section and carefully go over any listings. If you feel that your skill set matches an opportunity then apply with your resume. Try to apply to as many different companies as this will definitely increase your chances of landing a good job quickly.

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    Soldier Networking:

    If you have served in the military then you will undoubtedly have a good network of other active and retired soldiers to contact. Be sure to ask them about any job opportunities in private army / security type companies. Many other retired soldiers might be working for these types of security companies so do not hesitate to ask. They might be able to help you forward your resume to companies looking to hire.

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    Job fairs:

    Visit some of the large job fairs that might be taking place in your area. Some of these private army / security companies have set up a booth and accept applications on the spot. Make sure you have a couple of copies of your resume to hand out. Try to give as many resume’s out as possible.

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    Military / Firearms Magazines:

    You can also check the classified sections of military or firearms magazines that are available everywhere. There is a good chance that you will find job listings in these types of magazines. Be sure to apply to as many as you can to increase your chances of getting work.

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