Steps to Become a Chartered Accountant

Every person desires to have a successful career no matter what profession he opts to join. There are some professionals whose expertise are recognised all over the world and even foreign employers are attracted to hire their services. Becoming a chartered accountant enables you to be recognised as a master of accounting internationally, meaning a lot to prospective clients regardless of any geographic bounds. However, becoming a chartered accountant is considered one of the toughest tasks to achieve but once you succeed in doing so, all you will experience is success in your career. Appropriate qualification and training is very necessary for becoming a chartered accountant. You have to go past some really tough stages and tiresome effort is required from you to become such professional.


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    Obtain a degree in accounting

    Going anywhere near a chartered accountant profession, you need to obtain at least an undergraduate degree in accounting. Chartered accounting is an advanced level of accounting and that is why you need to posses some academic background in this filed before earning this status. It will be further beneficial to you if you go on to obtain a graduate degree in accounting. Since chartered accounting is an international designation, it will be better if you obtain your accounting qualifications from an internationally recognised university.

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    Gain work experience

    Merely accounting qualification does not hold any value unless you have practically applied it. Gaining work experience as an accountant is another vital step in your voyage to become a chartered accountant. Several years of work experience in the field of accounting will enable you to become the exceptional one and eligible for the elite status.

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    Search for Organisations to obtain certification

    Search for the organisations which provide chartered accounting certification. Many worldwide organisations offer their programs to provide you chartered accounting certification after you meet their required criteria and have went through their prescribed processes.

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    Apply to obtain the certification

    Submit your application to the organisation you selected for gaining the chartered accounting certification. If the organisation will see you fit for the status, your application will be accepted.

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    Pass the examinations

    You might have to pass as many as 14 examinations depending on the certification requirement for becoming a certified chartered accountant. You have to go through all the examination stages to meet the criteria of the professional body you have opted to join and only then you can achieve the status of a chartered accountant.

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    Complete training

    You will have to go through several training components which will make you the master of accounting and polishing your professional skills to a whole new level.

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    Comply with professional body regulations

    Once you have become a certified chartered accountant, you have to abide by all the rules and regulations of your governing organisation. You will be monitored and you have to meet all their standards to continue practicing as a good chartered accountant.

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