How to Become a Probate Lawyer

A lawyer who handles the legal affairs related to the property and inheritance is known a probate lawyer. If you want to become a probate lawyer, you will have to work very hard with great dedication and persistence. You must complete your bachelor’s degree first in order to qualify for an admission in a law school. Furthermore, you will also have to develop a good professional network in order to practice law as a probate lawyer.

In this article, we have explained the essential steps which you can take in order to become a probate lawyer. Furthermore, the steps have been described in a very simple manner so that you don’t face any kind of difficulty following them.


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    You will have to get an undergraduate degree from any accredited college or university of your choice. Even though, you can study any subjects (science, art or business). However, you should study business as it will help you a lot in your further studies in law.

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    At the completion of bachelor’s degree, you will have to register for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) which is mandatory in order to qualify for an admission in a law school. LSAT consists of reading comprehension which tests your reasoning skills which are very important for a lawyer. Moreover, you must score good points in the test in order to make your position stronger because the competition for admission in the law schools is very tough.

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    Then, submit your applications in the law schools of your choice along with your college grades, LSAT score and recommendation letters. Your evaluation will be made on the basis of your college grades, LSAT and extracurricular activities which you performed during your education.

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    You will have to complete a three-year programme after getting admission in an accredited law school. Besides, if you are taking part in a night or part-time programme, your degree will be completed in four years.

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    After completing your law school, you will have to appear in the bar exam of your state so as to be able to practice law.

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    Then, do an internship in a probate law firm which will give you a great professional exposure regarding your field of interest. In addition, it will help you to make your professional network stronger.

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    After getting the necessary experience during the internship in a probate law firm, you can start off your own practice as a probate lawyer.

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