How to Find a Job after Being Incarcerated

Getting a job after you have spent time in the prison for any kind of reason is a very tough thing. Already, the job market has become so bad that people without any criminal records are finding it hard to get a job so if you have been an ex-con, chances of you landing a good job with a decent starting salary are pretty minimal. However, there are people out there who have killed and raped and stolen from their fellow beings but they are enjoying great jobs. There are a few countries in the world, whose current head of states have been convicted of crimes but are living happily.


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    Whenever you come across a newspaper ad regarding a job opening, apply for it even if the designation is not something you look forward to. Whatever the post is, you have to understand that no one will give a position of great responsibility to someone who just got out of the bars. Furthermore, you did bad things and you must pay a price.

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    If you have been called for an interview, try your best to give a great first impression. Arrive well before time for interviews. When asked questions about your past, be candid and honest and express your sincerity to changing your life for good.

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    It is better to aim for a small company as organisations working on a small scale are more likely to take up ex-cons than larger establishments as they have their reputation to keep as well.

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    If you have been assigned a parole officer, it is better to take your case up to him or her as they will be able to give you good advice on finding a job after prison.

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    Link up with an employment agency as it will help you in making your resume which will put more emphasis on your skills rather than your work experience on a chronological order.

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    It is also advisable to seek the counsel of ex-cons who are now working full-time somewhere. They will be able to provide you with useful information and might even help you in finding a job.

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    You might not like it but it will be better if you seek the help of your family in order to find a job. Your friends and family will have contacts so they will try their best to hook you up with something.

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    And last but not least, do not lie during your interview as it might result in you getting the boot if you are hired and your employers later on discover that you have been incarcerated.

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