How to Become a Tv & Film Extra

If you thought that getting into movies or television shows without any acting experience is impossible then you were wrong, because you can in fact get the role of an extra with little talent and almost no acting experience.

As an extra, you only need to be in the background and look natural; all you might have to do is just walk by the lead characters. Best case scenario, you will get a line in the show/film which could mean a lot as a close-up could get you more work.


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    The most important thing is your location; you need to be living in or around the area close to work. Cities known for their production houses should be preferred when choosing to live for steady work.  This makes it easier for the agents to contact you and confirm your availability for an audition in short time. TV and film producers also opt for guys who are easy to reach. Remember, you are an extra and production won’t stop if you are late.

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    You need to have your own transportation in order to be always on time, as this will give you a good reputation and more producers will choose you for their productions. You cannot rely on public transportation so in case taking a train or a taxi is inevitable, it is suggested that you adjust your time accordingly.

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    Buy an efficient GPS which will be handy when going to a location where you have never been before. If you have got a cool car, then who knows the producers might make a place in their tv or film just for your car.

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    Carry a wardrobe with you as you can be asked by the production crew to bring clothes of your own. However, if you are portraying a distinctive character, you will probably be provided the appropriate costumes by the production studios. If the producers like your wardrobe, there is a good chance that you would end up closer to the camera.

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    If you are auditioning for a speaking role then giving the producers your professional headshot is the right idea which will be placed in your file and could get you the role.

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    You need to get yourself registered with more than one casting agency which will get you work without you having to put much effort.

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