How to Fit In on Your First Day Of Work

Fitting in or becoming familiar with the environment and colleagues in a new office is something everyone wants to know. Many people do it without facing any problem but it becomes a problem for those who are not friendly in nature and like to stay reserved. However, no matter what kind of nature you have or what kind of behaviour you like, it is more likely to get appreciation from others if you get friendly with them.

If you want people like you and welcome you in a warm manner, then you have to take the initiative and try to become friendly to them. However, many people fail to create a favourable impact on their co-workers at new place. The reason is that they feel hesitation that leads them to become lonely in office and many people will not even have direct contact with him.

If you have got a job in a new office and want to get fit on your first day of work, then you have to become extrovert and try to make interaction with all of your new colleagues. If you do not know how you will manage it, keep reading this post.


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    First of all, dressing counts a lot and you need to select your dress very carefully. Your outward appearance counts a lot and sometimes the first impression forms the opinion of the people.

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    Another very important thing is that you should reach office on time. Do not be late at your first day as it will create a positive impact.

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    Stay prepared for the answers of questions that your new colleagues might put on you like, where are you from, or where have you been working before etc. Respond them with confidence and in a decent tone.

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    Make sure that you show respect to all of your co-workers which will earn you back a warm welcome and respect from them.

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    Try to pay attention to what other people say at office. Do listening more than talking as it will let you learn quickly about things at a new place.

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    Try your best to remember the names of people on your first day which will create a positive impact on them as everyone likes his or her name to be called by others.

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    You should introduce yourself to your new colleagues, which is the easiest way to get acquainted with them on your first day at work.

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    If you get a chance, ask anyone of your colleagues to have lunch with you which is also a way to get interaction with your co-workers.

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    Try to get ready for helping others at workplace as it will create a positive impact and everyone will recognise you as a team player.

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    Try not to rush back home at the exact time of the closing of the office. Stay for a few minutes as it will bring you goodbye greetings from many of the colleagues, which is a something positive.

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