How To Choose an eBook Publishing Company

The world has changed in so many ways ever since the invention of the internet. We now live in two parallel worlds, one is the real world as we know it and the second is the cyber world. With this the rules of PR and marketing have also changed, as the cyber world is the new frontier which cannot be ignored.

Although it might be hard to believe but books are not dead as far as the internet is concerned.

However, the concept of eBooks is still in its juvenile stage and brings many risks, so if you are looking to get your book published on the internet; you need to identify the right publishing company for your content to reach the small audience.

This process is not easy and requires all your attention as the choice of your publishing company will be a make or break point for the prospects of your book.


  • 1

    Begin by searching a number of publisher websites and once you identify some well known eBook publishers, read information on their website to know what they have to offer and for how long have they been in the business.

  • 2

    Check the genre of the content on these publishing websites. Eliminate those from your list who do not support the genre of your book as you will not require their services.

  • 3

    Look at other books on the remaining websites to check the quality of their content. You can do this by purchasing an eBook from the website. This will help you get a clear picture of the publisher.

  • 4

    If your associates or friends are also writers, perhaps they can introduce you to their e-publishers.

  • 5

    After your research, decide which publishing company suits you and your content the most.

  • 6

    Before reaching out to the publishers, proofread your content, edit it in order to make it perfect. Remember, well versed content will be appreciated.

  • 7

    It is show time now; you need to submit your content to the potential publishing company and wait for their response. It is imperative to follow their instructions to ensure they will respond at the earliest.

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