How to Become a Better Photographer

Being a better photographer is not always about making your subject look pretty or about owning expensive equipment. It’s about patience, trial and developing a deep understanding of the principles that eventually lead to the creation of a good picture. Like every other artist, you need to develop a passion for this art, if you want to improve yourself as a better photographer. And for that you need to get familiar with a few elements, which play a major role in a making an ordinary photograph turn into a great photograph.


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    Compose Your Image Plan

    Whether it should be Landscape or Portrait, you need to do the math inside your head, as to what would better suite the present scenario at hand. Figure out what you want to capture and how will you capture it, that along with several other such questions need to be answered before you decide to take a picture.

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    Lighting - An Important Variable

    What people often forget is that light is a very essential element when it comes to photography. While taking a picture you must consider the lighting factor, and frame your picture in such a manner that its neither overexposed, nor underexposed. Moreover, Light is also responsible for bringing out the best colours in your photographs.

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    Know Your Equipment

    Just like a manager needs to be familiar with his employees, a photographer needs to have an understanding of equipment. You need to know what your equipment is capable of, and how can it can be utilized bring out the best results.

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    Understand the Subject

    To improve your photography, you need to know how to improvise the situation around you, and this involves developing a familiarity with different kinds of subjects while shooting them. The subject can be a person, object or location, and it's you who is responsible to bring out the best in them.

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    Get Familiar With Colours

    It's essential that you develop an understanding of colours, as most people don't seem to have a familiarity with them. Understanding this part of photography is one of the most hardest tasks, and it takes time to do so. However, once understood, it can really bring a major improvement in your photographs.

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    Wait For The Right Moment

    Apart from important natural components such as lighting and colours, the timing is also of great importance when taking the picture. Every subject has the one right moment, on which it's under the right exposure and exactly where and how you want it to be. It could be a landscape basking in the sunlight or a picture of a female model with dark setting and a bokeh in background. It's the timing that sets its composition into a potential award-winning photograph. While this image was created in the darkroom, both of the blended images were taken at exactly the right time, which is what makes the composite an award-winning photograph.

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    Feel Confident

    When you're taking photographs, you realize at times that it would give a better result if you go for a different angle. And sometimes, that angle would require to move into an awkward position. Don't feel shy or awkward in moving into that position to take the picture, because you never know when you might end up with an out of the ordinary picture.

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    It's a term used by photographers as the act of walking with your camera for the purpose of taking pictures of things or people that he or she may find interesting. It provides you with an opportunity to test your photography skills under random circumstances. You might be surprised with just how much can you learn from photowalking.

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