How to Become a Business Operations Consultant

An Operations consultant assists organizations on maintaining and improving their operations. One needs to have extensive knowledge in order to provide the best tips on restructuring and implementing new strategies.


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    It starts relatively earlier in a student’s career as he seeks to become an operations consultant. You will need to earn a high school diploma or an equivalent degree such as general equivalency diploma ( GED) to begin the relative education process. Being a top performer at the high-school level will build your appetite to succeed.

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    Obtaining the relevant undergrad degree will be your next step. Enrolling in a bachelor’s program (marketing, business or management) will enhance your knowledge and make you eligible for pursuing operations consultancy as a career. Seek for a specific business operation program from an accredited university, but that is not entirely necessary as any program you choose will help increase your general skill set, where you will be focusing on core subjects such as mathematics, stats, management etc.

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    Seek an internship in the final semester of your undergraduate which will allow you to gain practical knowledge. Get in touch with the career counselor in your college or university, and ask him to help you out. Try to improvise by helping your professors in research related matters. Further ask them about career opportunities, along with letters of recommendation.

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    After graduating, one can choose two options.  Pursue higher education by enrolling in the relevant MBA program where you learn more about the field of your interest. However, most universities want a minimum of 2 years of experience in the relevant field.

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    In that case you will need to pursue a professional career by working with a business operation consulting firm or any relevant department of a reputable company. According to surveys, most consultancy firms want a relevant experience of up to 7 years, so prepare accordingly. If you feel the need to work, then the best you will get after your bachelors degree is an entry level position as a research analyst. However, MBA will give you the cutting edge over other professionals. You can specialize in any relevant field.

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    After completing all necessary education, your next aim should be to get as much professional knowledge as possible. Send your resume to several consultancy firms and wait for their responses. With time, you will surely be in a position to start your own private work.

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