How to Find a Life Coach

Everyone needs a person they can trust and look up to in times of trouble. Many people look up to elder siblings for this purpose, while for others it could be a friend. Some people, however, are not blessed with such a person in their immediate circle.

For such people, a life coach can be a great option. A life coach can act much like a mentor who can guide you through tough times and provide you with advice on important issues in life. Getting a life coach who connects with you well is important. There are many ways in which a person can find the right life coach. All it takes is commitment to this endeavour.


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    It is best to hire a life coach who is certified. There are many people who claim to be life coaches but have no formal education or certification in the field. Although they may be generally good at what they do, they will lack the skill and the structured approach that comes with formal training in any field of work.

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    Ask a Friend

    A lot of people nowadays are engaging life coaches and it would not be surprising if some of your friends too have engaged the service of a life coach. Ask them about their experience and if they would recommend the coach to you as well. Also inquire about how successful they feel the experience has been. It should be the first step in finding someone you can meet and see if they work for you in the same manner.

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    You can search for a certified life coach on the internet. Going to internet forums is probably the best way to go about it. See which coaches the people online are talking about in your area and who is getting better grades for his or her performance. See the pros and cons of the coaches that are mentioned online from your area.

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    Have a Test Session

    Once you have shortlisted a couple of coaches, ask them for a test session so that you can assess whether you want to engage their services or not. It is important that you connect well with a life coach as a lack of coordination will most likely create issues for you in the long run.

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