How to Get Employees to Be Healthy

While this issue is a personal one, encouraging your staff to remain healthy will improve performance, and will in turn benefit your productivity. Healthy employees are unlikely to take weeks off from work due to medical conditions, and prove to be assets for the company. The business in turn will not always be on the hunt for new employees, and will also save money on health insurance claims.


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    Encouraging healthy eating habits

    This may not be entirely up to you, but stack all healthy food items at your workplace. Low calorie food items may be expensive but will give a positive outlook regarding the company’s intention.  Remove vending machines which tempts the employees to eat candies, chips or drink soda. Decide on a specific menu and get in touch with a restaurant which supplies nutritional food items.

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    Encourage public transport

    By encouraging the use of public transport you can promote walking. Moreover, encourage your employees to use bikes to ride to work. Although some may still prefer their personal transport, it will still be a healthy activity which in turn helps them save some of their money.

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    Membership of a local gym may entice the employees to change their habits. Going regularly to gym, knowing that their dues are paid, will allow them to work on their fitness, and maintain a healthy routine. This in turn can be done by setting some financial rewards, where bonus are provided to those who attend gym regularly.

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    Conduct seminars to teach the importance of living healthy. Hire experts to give lessons on a balanced diet, which enhances performance and well-being. This is an important aspect, as people lose focus when they spend excessive hours working on a project, sitting in the same posture. Encourage them to use medical or exercise balls, which in turn reduce strain on the back and neck.

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    Health insurance

    Encourage positive use of a health insurance. Most employees stick to medication, and use health insurance only for major medical conditions. However, visiting the doctor regularly reduces your chance of suffering from any major diseases.

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