How to Play Office Politics

More often than not, everyone has a role to play in office politics. Some may try to avoid it, while others simply thrive on it to meet their ambitions and career goals. When you face such situations at work, you need to be careful in making the right move as bad judgment can prove fatal and end up with you being let go.


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    You will be a part of it even if you try to avoid it; understand that you are going to be a participant even if you don't like it. Therefore, be prepared mentally and be vigilant. Make sure that you have your bases covered, where you keep tab on all your work and have relevant proof. That will come handy in tough situations.

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    Don’t take sides. Have a balance where you have a good relationship with everyone, even your competitors. Making enemies will only worsen the situation but make sure that you have allies who are willing to vouch for you if a troublesome situation arises.

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    Enhance your knowledge of the working environment. Who has the greatest influence? Make sure that you are on good terms with some of the influential players rather than teaming up with colleagues who have little to no importance in office politics. Make sure that you recognize your own influencing power. Use it to your own good.

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    Understand your strength and weaknesses. Don’t get involved in matters which are out of your control or you cannot handle. Everyone will have some weaknesses and make sure to exploit it to your advantage. Join hands with those people who can deliver success and avoid those co-workers who are office pets.

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    Keep your options open. If a particular co-worker furthers an idea which can do wonders for you, makes sure to take it into consideration. Don’t let the emotions come in your way as your sole aim is to climb the corporate ladder.

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    Take nothing personally. If you are mad at your colleague who has just beaten you in office politics, make sure that you accept your fate. That will help you in longer run. As the saying goes, everything is fair in love and war. You will have your chance in the future. Just make sure you grab it.

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