How to Become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical industry is growing with a steady pace and setting up your professional career in this field is quite rewarding. Because of the huge demand of new drugs to deal with different types of diseases, a pharmaceutical sales representative career has become very enticing.

Countless pharmaceutical companies are hiring sales representatives in order to cope with the cut-throat competition. However, you need to have specific qualifications in order to meet the basic criteria for becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Find out more details about how to become a pharmaceutical sales representative.


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    First of all, you need to get a proper college education as established pharmaceutical companies always hire qualified staff. Complete your Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business fields along with having majors relating to medical sciences.

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    You need to have a sound knowledge about different types of drugs, their production and the target market. It is essential for a pharmaceutical sales representative to get complete knowledge about the products that they are supposed to market.

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    Along with your formal education, try to get practical experience by joining some industry training. Get yourself enrolled with an accredited pharmaceutical sales training program which will enable you to become a competent pharmaceutical sales representative.

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    Pharmaceutical sales training programs usually focus on product knowledge, sales training, medical terminology and laws regarding the pharmaceutical industry. It is very important to complete this training which will make you a better pharmaceutical sales representative.

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    During your education, you should also get an internship in the sales department of any organisation which will help you to understand the tricks of the trade. Dealing with people directly will enhance your communication skills which are essential in this field.

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    After completing your formal education and sales training, you need to build a relationship with other pharmaceutical sales representatives. It will give you many new ideas which will help you in getting the desired results and build up your contact base.

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    If you do not have any experience in sales, then you might be lacking the required advantage over other representatives. Usually pharmaceutical companies hire people who are familiar with the sales process. Getting some experience in sales will help you in getting hired by an established company.

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