How To Avoid Office Gossip Traps

In this fast world, newly hired employees often fall prey to their superiors who first involve them in gossips which then eventually trap them. The ways of communication have surely gone faster than ever but the speed of words travelling in a community is unmatchable. People keep gossiping about politics, religion, work ethics or superiors as this is a good time pass for them. Those who want to do less work surely need something to spend their time in the office and thus gossip is their last resort.

Being involved in the gossips not only reduces your productivity and efficiency but it also creates disturbance and bothers others. Keeping in mind ‘tit for tat’ you should not involve yourself in rumours or should not waste your time in gossiping as surely you do not want that for yourself.

Instead you should increase efforts to get rid of the office gossips by telling your colleagues what impact could this have on their future and this is not an appropriate thing to do. You should also keep in mind that it is against work ethics and morality that you be involved in gossip with a group of your colleagues.


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    Remember that you are here to earn a living and make a better future for you and your family. Therefore, you should try to work as hard as possible. Your focus should entirely remain on your work and nothing else. If you are working with full potential you will not find time for these things.

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    If your colleagues repeatedly try to involve you in their gossip gang, you should clearly tell them that you have no interest in gossips and your ultimate priority is your work. Eventually, if you do not pay attention to them, the gossips in your office will come to an end.

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    Tell the person gossiping to go and talk to the concerned person. Tell him that doing so would clear the confusion and he will be able to know the person well about whom he is gossiping around.

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    If the gossiper keeps spreading rumours about the subject, you should praise the concerned person and tell positive traits as this will contribute a great deal in putting end to the gossip.

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    While talking about the person who is being discussed, be wise and clear about the choice of words. Make sure none of your words can be used negatively in any way.

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