How to Launch a Career as a Virtual Assistant

Working from home is the trendier way of doing business for a lot of individuals and businesses nowadays. For companies, having employees work from home has a lot of its own benefits as the most visible one is cutting the cost of having someone sit in your office place and consume resources, along with having to give benefits. For employees, it saves them from the travelling costs along with having much more time to spend with family and friends on a daily basis, along with deciding your own working hours in most cases.

Virtual assistant jobs are thriving as more and more companies are catering to clerical work outsourcing instead of being an in-house position.


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    High Speed Internet Connection

    Being a virtual assistant does not have many requirements, but some of those that it has should be dealt with seriously. A high speed internet connection is the most important aspect as it is always needed to maintain communication, sending and receiving emails along with doing all the other necessary work as well. This high speed internet connection also needs to be extremely reliable as well, which is why some companies will require you to have a backup one available as well.

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    Customize your Virtual Assistant Resume

    Your basic resume may do the job in getting you a position as a virtual assistant, but making one that focuses on those requirements needed for a VA will increases those chances by manifolds. Highlight your typing speed along with the ability to handle and work with documents. Some people also go as far to mention available timings and how much they can work and even how many days they will be available to get the job done.

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    Post your Resume and Build Profiles

    Virtual assistant jobs will mostly be found on the internet through career portals and company websites. The new trend of freelancing has also given birth to numerous websites that cater to that specific niche like oDesk and Freelancer, but require you to make a profile instead of attaching a basic resume.

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    Market Yourself

    Knowing where your strengths lay and how you want to consistently want to improve in different fields along with the thirst to try new things are some ways you can market yourself to potential employers. Having a business name and card ready at all times and creating a general profile of yourself to share with others is extremely important to differ you out from all the other applicants.

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