How to Dress in Business Casual for Women

If you are presentable and well-dressed, you are more likely to have a successful professional career as compared to those who do not give importance to their outlook and appearance. You can add value to your communication if you are easy on the eyes. We must remember that good communication is one of the keys of success in the modern corporate world and body language plays a huge role in enhancing your ability to communicate well.

As the world is changing rapidly, women also play an equally important role in our society. Gone are the days when the females were limited to household affairs. They are now competing with men in each and every field of life. Therefore, just like men, women also have to wear formal or business casual during work.

A clothing style which is a touch casual than the typical business wear is known as business casual, and it is a type of office dress code. Every company has a different dress code. Some do not allow casual dressing at all; whereas, some are more lenient. By allowing their employees to wear business casual, companies give them the freedom to express themselves. However, business casual does not mean that you can wear just about anything. You still have to pay attention to detail and appear professionally presentable.


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    Women can wear casual skirts or pants with crunchy fabric as long as they are not too tight. It is recommended not to wear very sharp or bright colours. Go for black, gray, khaki, brown etc.

    Skirt’s length should not be very short and while you are standing, make sure that your skirt is to your knees at least and your thighs are covered when you are sitting.

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    You can wear tailored shirts or elegant blouses to be more presentable and attractive. It is recommended that you go for silk, cotton or blends. In winters, you can have sweaters or leather jackets as well.

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    Other stuff

    There is no room for heavy jewellery in business casual. However, use of elegant, minimalistic accessories can do good for your looks. Use nice and trendy shoes, which go well with the dress. Most women these days give a lot of importance to bags. Branded bags can be extremely expensive but if you have good selection sense, you can buy unbranded elegant bags. A good purse or a bag surely adds spice to your personality.

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