How To Submit a Resume and Cover Letter

To get a job, you firstly need to design a resume. You can easily build an attractive resume by getting help from different templates. Having prepared a good resume expertly, you can now hand it to the one who can offer you a job.

It is not a simple thing to send CV and cover letter, as you need to keep plenty of things in mind. Alongside a good resume, you need a good impression to urge others to offer you something. So, always adopt a wise strategy when it comes to send your documents to your potential employer.

You can send it through old-fashioned snail mail. But this is probably the worst way to do it. A company receives plenty of business-sized envelops every day. So, your envelop will not be anything different to them. Once it is delivered, it may stay on somebody’s table for a long time.

One can also toss it in garbage without reading. No one should use this method, if the employer has not specifically asked you to do this. Another bad way to submit your CV is to use electronic mail. This is probably the second worst method.

All over the world, thousands of people submit their resumes through emails, and hardly make an impact. Most of the employers have put filters to their emails these days, therefore you email could easily go to junk.

In the meantime, majority of HR managers don’t bother to open attached files, because they don’t enjoy much free time. Hence, just like the first method, this is not the best way to submit your resume as well as cover letter.


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    First of all, determine the recipient of your letter. Place your resume and cover in an A4 sized envelope, which should be clean. You must drop off your resume and cover letter ‘In Person’. So, gather the required documents, and get ready to go to the office of your possible employer.

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    Since you are going to meet your potential employer, you need to dress properly. The best time to visit is at noon. The person you going to meet might be too busy at the start of the day, and too tired at the end of the day. Therefore, always go to him in middle of the day.

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    Directly go to the front desk officer, and introduce yourself with a firm handshake. Tell the purpose of your visit and inquire about the relevant person you can talk to. The front desk officer might ask you to hand over resume to him/her, so there is no need to insist.

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