How to Become a Bonded Locksmith

Locksmiths are of considerable importance as they perform a major role in providing people with the most important services including making keys for all types of locks for home, car and business owners. He helps people in making and opening all sorts of locks. However, a bonded locksmith is someone who seeks help from a bonding company to cover his work. The bonding company provides finance to a certain limit to the locksmith if he makes any damage to the property during work. You can also run your work without getting bonded with a bonding company but by getting this consumer protection, you will get an added advantage in the market.

However, you have to fulfil the requirements of bonding company in order to seek their help in covering your work. Many people do not give importance to become a bonded locksmith but they also fail to grow to a bigger level. Those locksmiths who want to expand their work always seek someone who could finance them in case of any loss during work. If you are also looking forward to become a bonded locksmith and do not know how to do it, then you can take guidance from this post.


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    First of all, you should take training classes which are organised by the Associated Locksmiths of America. After completing the required training, you will become a certified locksmith.

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    This training course will enable you to learn the basics of how to make duplicate keys and all other relevant techniques that will help you to become a good locksmith.

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    You should get information about the requirements for getting license. There are many states that require applicants to pass a test for getting license. You should check whether your state also follows the same regulations or not.

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    After getting license, you should find an established bonding company that provides insurance to locksmiths. You can contact to the licensing department of your concerned state and get a list of those companies that provide insurance to locksmiths.

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    Select a bonding company from the list and fill the form to apply for getting insurance. Fulfil all requirements of the bonding company and they will verify all of your details. You will become a bonded locksmith if the company finds that all of your details are true.

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    After becoming a bonded locksmith, you should apply for jobs in established companies in locksmithing field. You can start your own business after working a couple of years as an employee.

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