How to Find a Job in Accounting

Pursuing a career in accounting can be extremely rewarding, and your success will depend on your overall academic qualifications and your aptitude for the field. While job hunting is never easy, with little determination and perseverance, you are bound to get your dream opening in this industry. However, you must make sure that you look at all possible avenues and search relentlessly for the right opportunity.


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    Prepare your resume

    The first step for you is to ensure that your resume is strong, professional and truly conveys your strengths and credentials. Include your academic details, which must be in the field of accounting, along with the relevant school and university related activities and projects. Mention any internships that you have done, which highlight your expertise in the field.

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    Know your industry

    Having prepared your resume, it is now important for you to understand the accounting industry. Know the hiring procedure, and the salaries being offered to new entrants or those with certain relevant experience. Knowing the fine prints will eventually help you impress your prospective employers.

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    Search for job openings

    Now start searching for career opportunities in accounting. Depending on your qualifications, the basic job for an accountant is at the entry level one where you specifically deal with financial books. However, if you have attained a bachelor’s degree, then you can pursue various opportunities in banks and big multinational firms.

    Your search methods will firstly include the internet. Surf the net or post your resume online at free sites such as LinkedIn. This is the safest and easiest mode of marketing yourself, where you can further network and link with potential employers. You can further skim through the local newspaper for accounting opportunities in your area. On top of that you can further attend college and university gatherings such as job fairs etc, where large companies tend to hire new entrants. Before going to a job fair, it is important that you research about prospective companies and get a grip over their hiring policies. Be in professional attire and grab any opportunity which is presented to you.

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    Get help

    With the job market becoming competitive, it is important that you know the right people. If any of your close relative is in the accounting field, ask for their help and guidance. Even an internship at a reputable firm will be a good starting point.

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