How to Switch Jobs in Your Current Company

You are tired of your current job and want to change it as soon as possible. But at the same time you don’t want to leave your company. It is indeed a tricky situation. Even if the job that you want to do is right there, it is not easy to convince the management.

If you are working in a small company, an external move is probably the best option. However, if the company is well-established and can offer you a long-term career, it is better to switch the jobs within the corporation.


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    The very first step is to identify the job that you want to do. Learn everything about the new job responsibilities and determine whether you would be able to manage. Interact with the people in the new department to get an idea about the real work that you will be asked to do.

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    After identifying your new job, it is the time to find out if there is an opportunity. The company may have a person already working on that post. So, you cannot ask the management to fire him and give you the very same job.

    Even if you have any prior experience, it is quite unethical to snatch somebody’s job. If there is no post available at the moment, wait for the management to create one. Meanwhile, you can prepare yourself for the new responsibilities.

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    Now, you are supposed to start working voluntarily. After finishing with your regular work, you can go to the other team’s desk and ask if they need any help. Even if they say thanks, try to assist them one way or other. Make sure your current work does not suffer; otherwise, the management will never allow you to switch your jobs.

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    Strengthening the performance is another key feature. Before start voluntarily for the new desk, you are required to do your current work in a better way. It will give out a nice impression.

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    Make the management realise that you are doing extra work with efficiency. It is not about telling them time and again. If you are performing well, your manager will eventually realise how important you are for the company.

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    After doing all the homework, it is the time to request the management to let you switch your job. If the post is vacant, you can start working without any extra pay. And once you become an important part of the new team, you can leave the previous work, but with the management’s consent.

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