How to Get Better Tips as a Server

It is customary to tip the waiter along with the bill for his/her service. The tip makes all the difference to the servers as they count on it to supplement their salaries. However, most customers are reluctant to pay more than the minimum, often as a small percentage of the bill. It takes effort on the part of the server to get a generous tip out of a customer. If you want to get better tips as a server you will need the right attitude, a high level of service and decent manners to get more than the minimum.


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    Dress well:

    By dressing neat and appropriate, you set a standard for yourself. It raises the bar for a minimum tip as the customer judges the outward appearance and sets the tip amount according to it. If you are wearing a uniform, add a distinctive element of clothing, jewellery or any ornament that distinguishes you. This will help you in standing out and making an impression.

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    Introduce yourself:

    Introducing yourself is a great way to establishing a bond between you and the customer. He/she will not think of you as any other server but as an individual which will increase your esteem. This will automatically lead to a greater tip. Furthermore, this step helps in setting a long relationship with the customer.

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    Serve well:

    If the customers are happy with the service you provide, they are definitely going to tip more out of satisfaction. However, if they are dissatisfied, no piece of dressing or introduction is going to impress them. Repeat the order to confirm that you have got it right. Try best to make sure that the food arrives on time. Serve in a professional manner, avoiding any spills. Remember to be near the customer so that you can be called promptly when needed. Accommodate any small changes that the customer requests in the food that is served. If there are any problems with the food or process, apologise in a genuine manner and admit any lack on your part. The trick is to keep the customer in a good mood.

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    Friendly attitude:

    The attitude makes all the difference. A genuine smile will set off an instant positive impression. Interact with the customer without invading their personal space. This gives them a welcoming feel and helps in developing a connection. Make the bill special by making a smiley or writing a thank you note. Any extra effort done will be rewarded with a greater tip.

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