How To Avoid Conflict at Work

Conflicts are a part of life. At work, you may disagree with a colleague or a superior, which ultimately leads to unnecessary distraction and stress. Moving forward may seem difficult but there are plenty of ways to avoid conflicts.


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    Greet everyone as it is essential. If you are a quite person, and don’t want to make too much effort in sharing your personal thoughts, make sure that you greet everyone or indulge in small-line talks such as ‘good morning’, ‘like your dress’ etc which ensures that you are not a loner. On the contrary, if you like exchanging ideas, know when to zip it.

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    Give your work priority. It is important that you perform your work related tasks first before giving time to other things. Gossiping around or being late for work won’t help you in difficult situations. Make sure that everyone understands that your sole purpose at the office is to help the company grow. Never try to be over smart.

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    Keep a record of all your work. Prepare thoroughly and keep back-up of all your projects. That will aid you if there is a conflict of interest. Knowing what you have contributed and keeping track on all the work will leave a good impression on your bosses if the company’s performance is called into question.

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    Limit yourself when it comes to making friends. There will be a few, with whom you like to hang out but keep it strictly work-related. However, if a problem arises make sure to help them rather than looking to save yourself as you never know when you need them. Teamwork is necessary but make sure to set certain limits.

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    Never overreact. That probably happens in certain scenarios when you arrive for work on time but your co-workers are always late and don’t get punished. Don’t dwell on such situations and move on. If you are good at your work, you will create your own importance and presence.

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    Grab the initiative. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, make sure you volunteer in tough situations. Manage it properly and giving positive results will be considered priceless. However, make sure that you are able to complete the task or improve it. Taking a particular task just for the sake of it could easily backfire.

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    Move on. If a conflict arises and you feel trapped, try to ignore it and concentrate on your work. As time passes, the conflict itself will be resolved.

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