How to Become a Member of the International Olympic Committee

Becoming a member of the International Olympic Committee is desire by many. However, it is not a piece of cake and an individual have to be very competitive and talented in order to be eligible for becoming a member. The IOC is the governing body that monitors all international Federations which are responsible for conducting sports in a particular region. The prime task of the IOC is to arrange for the international sports events primarily world championships and Olympic Games and ensuring the success of these events.


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    Requirement of maximum group members

    The primary responsibility of the IOC is to make sure that in no way the total number of its members turn more than 115. IOC has to follow this rule all the time. This is further divided into quotas, giving the chance to athletes, presidents of federations and associations.

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    Become a world class player

    In order to become a member of IOC, you should become a world class player. For this, choose a sport of your choice and train as hard as you can. There is no preference in the sports category, and any world class player is eligible to apply, if he wants to become a member of IOC. Note that IOC has reserved 15 seats for world class players, who wish to become a member of IOC.

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    Make your way to the seat of President of international federation

    If you are not an outstanding athlete but want to work for the betterment of sports and players, you should think of becoming a President of any international federation. For this, you can choose the sport of your choice. Remember that you cannot just go and occupy the seat of president but of course, you will have to reach their step by step. This is applicable for both presidents of international federations and those within NOCs. IOC has reserved 15 seats each for both of these.

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    Those who are not linked with any office

    Apart from the above mentioned positions, the IOC allots 70 seats to those individuals who have no direct or indirect affiliation with any specific office. So, if you are a person of high calibre with the necessary skills and knowledge, you can apply to IOC. For this, you can obtain the contact information from the IOC’s website. You should obtain it and ask for the procedure to apply.

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