How To Bail with a Company Bonus

People often find it difficult to switch jobs. The primary problem for leaving a job and joining another one lies because when they are about to leave their job, their employers get frustrated and thus their benefits are at stake. Obviously, an individual changes the profession or get a new job to progress in life but the problem lies in how to secure his/her benefits attached to the previous job.

Most of the employers do not want their employees to leave offices. For this, some often threaten their employees that they will put a hold on their salary or other compensations attached while others make their policies tougher the trouble their employee as much as possible.

It should be your foremost responsibility to do as written in your job contract whatever the case may be. Your aim should not be to flee from the job as soon as you get a better opportunity but to leave a good impression to the employers. This would not only leave a positive image but your bonuses etc will also remain saved.


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    You should continue serving your organisation for a while as some of them offer bonuses and other compensations to their employees only after they complete a certain period of service. You can confirm that duration from the human resource department of your firm and you should keep working there until you complete that time.

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    If you are thinking of leaving the job, you should tell your employer in advance and serve the notice period as agreed by you in the contract you signed in while taking the job. If you do not give them notice, they will not only block your salary but they will also put a stop to your bonus and other benefits.

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    Resigning from the company does not mean that you do not have to work anymore. This is a ridiculous thought, you should work as hard as you used to do before, so that your employers could be happier from you and treat you with the same while you leave the job.

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    You should remain in good terms with your colleagues and if on bad terms with anyone, do not forget to patch with him/her. If you are leaving the place, you should act carefully and have good terms with other employees.

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    Learn well about the rights of a former employee to claim in future, if the need arises.

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