How To Anticipate the Stages of Labor

Labor process is one of the most beautiful processes of nature. It leads to a birth of new life. It is part of human pregnancy and results in birth of one or more infants from a women’s uterus.

There are three stages of labor. First one is the dilation of the cervix, second is the descent and birth of the new born and the final is birth of the placenta.

In most situations, birth of the infant is through caesarean section instead from normal vaginal birth.

In some cases labor can take more time than expected so you need to turn this latent labor into active labor.


  • 1

    Consume healthy diet and stay fit:

    When you are in labor, you need to consume healthy diet and should stay fit throughout the whole process. This is good for you and the baby inside you.

    You should give rest to your body when required and drink lots of water.

    Note that you need to have regular checkups from the obstetrician and you should involve in physical fitness exercises.  You can do yoga if you have your doctor’s permission to take part in physical fitness exercises.

  • 2

    Prepare your mind:

    You need to be aware that you will soon be giving birth to an infant. Thus you need to stay active and healthy for this process.

    Keep a positive attitude for this process all the time.

  • 3

    Make sure the baby is in right position:

    You need to make sure that the baby inside you in right position. Take help from your doctor as this process is necessary in order to shorten the cervix.

    Remember that the head of your baby puts pressure on cervix. As a result, it helps dilute it.

  • 4

    Change positions by walking:

    Make sure that the baby is in the right place. If it is high or centered in the uterus then change positions accordingly. The best way to adjust the position of the baby is walking.

    You can also move your hips or pelvic rocking in order to change positions.

  • 5

    Rest and relax:

    You should take rest and should relax when in labor.

    You can relax with breathing exercises or even yoga. Massaging your body can also relax and remove your stress.

  • 6

    Apply acupressure:

    You can use acupressure in order to convert the latent labor into active labor. It is one of the most effective ways to relax your body and increase labor process.

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