How to Decorate Your Cubicle

Decorating your cubicle is highly appreciated in some organisations as it reflects your attachment towards the workplace. Your office cubicle is the reflection of your personality and no one wants to portray a bad image of his/her personality. Therefore, you should spare sometime and take keen interest in decorating your cubicle.

One of the most important points in setting up your cubicle is that you do not want to make it look over decorated as it will dampen your image. Before doing anything with your cubicle, you should think hard about what should be present on the desk and what needs to be put in the drawer or storeroom.

Your attention should remain towards your work and you should not keep looking at your cubicle all the time as it would result in a deteriorated performance. The most important thing in setting up your cubicle is not how you add things to make it look better but organising things to make it more spacious is more important.

The way you organise things depicts how sensible you are. You should place those things on your cubicle that would add to your motivation at the workplace and help you remain focus on the tasks you need to accomplish. Keep in mind that decoration does not start with putting things at your place but keeping it clean and tidy.


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    To keep a balance between your workplace and family, you can start with putting a framed photo of your family members at your desk. Instead of placing a huge frame, you can keep two to three small frames to cover all sides of your desk as you will be able to pay attention to them. Remember that if you place large frames at your desk, they will keep distracting you and the level of your performance at work will fall.

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    To make your cubicle attractive, you can add a flower of your choice and put it in a vase. It is your choice weather you want to keep  fresh flowers or the artificial ones, as the latter ones are easy to keep.

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    You can also pin motivational quotes to your workplace that might drive you to work hard in order to achieve success. You can also paste your favourite cartoon character and enjoy it whenever you feel like taking a break.

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    Keep your pens in colourful jars to make your desk look attractive.

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