How to Become a Background Dancer

There are people who like to lead the dancing pack, but some want to become the background dancers. If you have seen a dancing crew, or if you have even been to a concert, you would know what background dancers are. Some people like to become background dancers because they think that is the career they should pursue. It is not easy to become a background dancer. Even though they look unimportant to many, they are actually quite important. You have to work hard and have to synchronise your steps with the people around you.


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    For starters, you need to start training. Train for whatever type of dancer you want to become. Whether it is hip-hop, a modern dance or whatever you type of dancer you want to become, just try to get classes for it and start practicing. You can definitely start dancing well without training. Hence, train and practice as much as you can.

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    Join groups

    Since a background dancer does not dance alone, you should either start a crew or at least find a group you should dance with. Find one. There are many in a city and you should keep yourself updated with all of them so that you can join the best whenever you can. And once you have joined the group, ask them to participate in different dancing competitions.

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    Audition does not only mean that you audition for different dancing groups. In fact, audition also means that you take your dancing group to competitions and ask them to audition. It is very much important that you ask them to participate in different competitions. That way they will realize their true worth and will know where they stand in terms of dancing against other people who dance.

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    Research around your area about each and everything related to dancing. This way you will be updated with the other dancing crews and groups. Moreover, you will also know about the competitions being held around your area. It is very much important for you to know about things going around in your area as you have to be up-to-date with all the information.

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    Make a video of your crew whenever they dance. It will help you people to audition in different places where dance competitions are being held. Keep your solo dancing video as well, in case you want to apply to a better dancing group, they will ask for both of the videos.

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