How to Be a Successful Drug Dealer and Get Away With it

Drug dealers make a lot of money and successful ones eventually turn their small time exchanges into a whole empire, but this business is serious and one that always has your life on the line. Being a successful drug dealer and getting away with it is not always an easy task, but there are better ways to make money from drugs.  When people think of drugs, they automatically think of illegal drug dealing but in reality, the legal drug market is much bigger.  With the right research by those with dedication and enough street/book smarts can start a successful legal drug business.

With the right contracts and supply, you too can become a successful drug dealer and get away with it at every corner.


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    Having some money to buy your stash of legal drugs is important. Like starting off any business, you have to have some sort of investment in order to kick off your career as a legal drug dealer.  Think about it, every time you go to doctor, he sends you to buy some sort of medication.  figure out what you need to start a pharmacy and how much it would cost to set it up.  As an alternative you can purchase a running pharmacy.

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    Get the Right Stash

    Most drug dealers when entering the field, know what kind of stash they have and what the quality really is. Good quality stuff will keep customers coming for more and more, which is why keeping the best in the market is the need of your time.  In a similar manner, you may want to work on inventing a natural remedy or start a pharmaceutical company, which creates medicines.

    Another very successful way is to research in international market and see what drugs are popular.  Once you figure out, which drugs are working elsewhere, approach the company and ask them if they would be interested in giving you rights for your country.  This may require some investment but in some cases, oversea pharmaceutical companies may be in search for someone in your country to help them launch.

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    Keeping your stash locked away in a safe place is essential to keeping it out of the eyes of the law and civilians who may just turn you into the police. In the legal drug business, the storage is also very important, you want to make sure all the medicine are stored in place that preserve the medicine in the right way.  Make sure you have a secure place equipped with alarm and security system.

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    The name of your company is important.  It will allow people to remember you and what you do.  for example in Canada, there is Shoppers Drugmart, which is known by most as a place to buy medicine from.  Make sure to pick a name that is not only easy to remember but it is easy to spell and the domain name for it is available.

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    Choosing a good client base is important and having constant communication with them through a mobile phone, social marketing or email is important. To keep the clients happy, your location should be easy to get to, your customer service should be up to par and your prices should be affordable.  You can also create a membership card, which provides your customers points per purchase.

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    Buy the Law

    Make sure you have all the certification to start a pharmacy or a pharmaceutical company. It is also a good idea to have a comprehensive liability insurance.  Last thing you want is to breach any by-laws or professional requirements and have a visit by the authorities.

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