How to Become an MRI Technician

There are a large number of people who want to become professional MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technicians because of the growing demand of MRI experts all over the world. However, becoming an MRI technician is not that simple as it requires a relevant qualification as well. Many students, at their high school, want to become MRI technicians but do not know the requirements. If you are also one of those people who want to become MRI technician then keep reading this article which will help you to know how to achieve this goal.


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    First of all, you need to get detailed information about the requirements to become an MRI technician. It will help you to study particular subjects during your academics.

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    In order to become MRI technician, one has to study physiology, microbiology, anatomy, physics, math and chemistry during your high school studies.

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    Make sure you maintain your interest in this specific field and keep on reading medical terminology which will help you to set up a solid base to become an MRI technician.

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    After completing your high school studies, you should obtain a 2-year degree in Radiologic Technology from an accredited or recognised community or vocational college.

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    In order to know the accredited degree programs and recognised or accredited colleges that offer degree Radiologic Technology, you should get information about the accredited programs from the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.

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    After completing your graduation, you need to complete a one-year MRI Technology certificate which will help you in becoming a competent MRI technician.

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    If you want to become the most talented and professional MRI technician then you should complete an additional MRI certification that takes one year.

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    Along with completing this certification, you should also get experience of MRI technology which will make you a professional MRI technician.

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    As soon as you complete your one-year MRI technology certificate along with having experience of using the MRI technology, you will be able to apply for a job for the position of MRI technician or MRI expert.

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    However, you need to stay updated with the developments in the MRI technology which will help you in getting familiar with the changing requirements to become an MRI technician.

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