How to Become a Great Sales Representative

A career in sales is perhaps one of the most diverse, demanding and versatile professions. It is a field where a thousand successes mean nothing as it is only the one failure that will always precede one’s reputation.


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    The key to sales is all about the customer and the client. Ensuring that the customer or client are happy, even when they don’t get what they want, is what separates a good sales representative from a great one.

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    Remain positive no matter what and always have a pleasant outlook. Even if the client or customer is unleashing hell on earth, remember to remain apologetic even if it isn’t your fault and to assure him that you will do whatever you can to ensure the query is resolved.

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    When it comes to selling, assure the customer that you will do whatever is in your power to make sure he or she gets the best deal. The client is dealing with you, not the company so personal contact can help convince the client he is getting something he may not.

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    Always begin with a low discount offer. Most companies allow their employees to offer a certain percentage as a discount to customers. If you are bargaining or negotiating start off with a low discount offer and then let the client win the negotiation and raise the discount offer. This will allow the client to feel like he came off better, even though he didn’t and make him return to you as he feels you offer him the better deals.

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    Push the client or customer to buy more. More often than not this has a low chance of succeeding but every so often you will find it does work and the payoff is worth it.

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    Believe in the product you are selling. If you do not believe in it yourself, chances are that you cannot convince the customer to purchase it. Therefore before you begin convincing others, you need to convince yourself.

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    Do not fear or be intimidated by the client. Know that if the situation goes bad you can always walk away. A great sales representative knows how to read and understand people, however, if your skills are rusty or not fully developed then know that if things go bad, you can leave and prevent it from becoming even worse.

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