How to Become Self Employed

Working a normal nine to five job is something that people choose to do for the rest of their life, but most of these people also dream about being self employed and working for themselves instead of someone else. There are various benefits of not being employed by someone else with the biggest being that you are your own boss and decide when to work and how to do it.

This does not necessarily mean that you will be working less than normal, rather most of the time, people spend more time establishing themselves because of being on their own.


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    Think About it

    Imagining about being self employed may seem like real fun and it can be, but you should think about all the downsides, like not having a steady paycheck being deposited into your account. This should not put down your dreams of working for yourself, but knowing that you will be required to work a lot harder than normal, before you embark on the project is better.

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    What Will You Do?

    Most people think that when they get behind their computer or start making calls, the business and cash will come flowing. That is definitely not how it works. You should begin planning ahead while having a job as to what you are capable of doing while being self employed and what techniques will allow you to make money. A lot of people choose to either become owners of a small business or start freelancing online. Having something to drop back on before you quit your job is crucial to having money coming in while not being employed.

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    Skill Set

    Knowing definitely what you are good at is important. Make a list of everything you consider yourself to be good at and why someone would pay you to perform those specific tasks. This should be something you enjoy and will not mind doing for more than 40 hours a week.

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    Having money at hand either through savings or a loan is important to get your small business going. Even if you are freelancing, having some cash to hire the services of other people is also important so you are not cash strapped when it comes to paying others. Know your limits, spend within them and slowly expand when there is more space in the future. Patience is always key to surviving on your own.

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